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Summary of the July Prompt Request
Thanks to everyone who participated in the July Prompt Request I wrote twenty-two stories to prompts. These were:

The Atlanteans' Return - Part 2
Worth The Trek
Testing A Theory
Might Have Beens
On The Edge Of Disaster
Looking For A Clue
Recruitment Drive
Bubbles of Inspiration
Juveniles in Custody
In A New Town
Our Team
Conversation With A Tourist
After The Fairy Tale
Dealing With Demons
An Audience
Doing Better
After The Fairy Tale II
Story's End?; and
Boat Race.

Because I wrote this many stories to prompts, I wrote two back ground pieces.  These were Twelve Month Recap and A Potted History Of The Seer.

I was paid for an extension too, which resulted in After The Fairy Tale III.

The Prompters' Story continues to be extended.

Thank you again for your prompts, comments and support.


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