rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Our Team

I wrote this to aldersprig's third prompt.

We’re a good team because of our differences.  I walk into a room and everybody looks.  He walks into a room and no-one notices, even if I’m not there to draw the attention.  I’m six and a half feet tall and I work out.  The working out keeps my figure in trim, otherwise I’ve the proportions of a barmaid in an Oktoberfest beer tent.  Not to say that’s a bad thing but when you’re six and a half feet tall proportion makes everything bigger than it is on someone who’s five and a half feet tall.  Working out and general exercise help with that and I have to run a lot in this job.

My partner doesn’t run as much as I do.  While I’m doing that, he’s tracking them by their mobile’s GPS and telling me which way they turned.  Or invoking probable cause to download a mirror of the laptop they left behind.  He gets into trouble with Internal Affairs more often than I do, not just for the downloading without a warrant thing but for firing his weapon too.  Apparently a six foot six Amazonian Valkyrie, the inspector’s description not mine, can get people to surrender without use of force much more easily than a five foot four guy can.

I blame his ears, myself.  If he had the face of a ferret or a rat then people would realise that he’s smart and dangerous.  Instead he has this open face with round ears that stick out.  People who should take him seriously don’t which is why they get shot, or tell him things their lawyer wishes they hadn’t, or dismiss him when he walks into a room.  The second two of which can be very useful for us.

What I think he needs is a partner.  Not a work one, he’s already got me.  No, I think he needs someone to go home to at night, cuddle up to and have a life with.  Kids, dogs and all that.  I’d try introducing him to someone but I still haven’t worked out whether it’s guys or girls that rock his world.  I’d ask him out myself but that would lead, one way or another, to us not being able to work together anymore and I don’t want that.

I really don’t want that.

Tags: amazonian valkyrie, prompt request july 12
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