rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Bubbles of Inspiration

I wrote this to rebelsheart's second prompt.

The bubbles tickled her nose as she drank from the glass.  She was sure that the drink wasn’t alcoholic but it was making her feel light headed and giddy anyway.  She giggled.

The bubble bath foam had overflowed from the tub so it pooled on the floor around its front feet as well covering her to the cleavage.  Every so often she ducked back into the froth to renew the coverage before resuming her position.

Outside the circle of warmth from the heat lamps Hetty and Angelique were working.  Smocks protected their day clothes from their materials, one of them working in water and gouache and the other in oils.  Making sketches and blocking in colour, composing.

Later, of course, there were other sessions, mostly without bubble bath but usually with some sort of bubbles to drink.  Sometimes there were arguments between the two artists about what they wanted the model to do.  She never voiced an opinion because this was not the type of commission where they wanted to imbue the work with her personality.  This time around she sipped her bubbly drink and posed.

She did find it amusing, not that she ever talked about it to them, that neither of them would show the other their work.  She was intrigued herself but she had no wish to be on the receiving end of a bout of artistic temperament.  The kissing and making up was entirely their business and really none of her concern but she felt that she could tell when she walked into the studio whether they’d done it or not.

She was invited to the opening of their joint exhibition and was delighted to discover that Hetty’s “Bubbles Are A Girl’s Best Friend” was a piece of innocent fun, happiness and light.  Sometimes it was hard to take where an artist took your image.  There was no image of her in Angelique’s work and it took her a while to figure out why.  In those studio sessions Angelique hadn’t been painting her, she’d been working on “Artist Enthralled By Muse.”  Hetty shone from the canvas, luminescent in her concentration on her work.

“So, what do you think?”  Angelique had come up behind her while she looked at the picture.

“That you love her very much.”

“Yes, I do.”

Tags: prompt request july 12
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