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Looking For A Clue

I wrote this to kelkyag's second prompt.  It's a sequel to Slow Mail.

Segwin Industries skirts the boundaries of not being a good corporate citizen.  It’s not that they don’t report to any Stock Exchange because as their shares aren’t traded, they don’t need to.  The maze of holding companies based offshore to anywhere and the subsidiary companies kept to a size that avoids government reporting and taxation requirements might be eccentric but not suspicious in a retailer of household domestic items but rings alarm bells in a manufacturer of items requiring end-user certificates.  Not to mention their firms that specialize in supplying people qualified to use items requiring end-user certificates.

The Agency and Segwin Industries have had a number of run-ins over the years.  These have mainly been disagreements about whether something they were doing was legitimate pursuit of their business interests or frankly illegal.  The Agency’s been winning a lot lately and it seems Segwin’s looking for another way around our road block.  They’re backing Kildaire in the election and one of his promises is to close the Agency down.

Once they do that, Runyon’s may not be the only death.  They’re the sort of people who figure that once we’re off the government payroll no-one will care.

What we need is a smoking gun.  One we can take to court.  One that will drag in their executives so we can open up the whole ant heap, for once.

Runyon’s death and the steps taken to destroy the information he had collected are our only legitimate subjects of inquiry.  If you want to take things to court you can’t just do everything and anything you can think of.  It was Addison who came up with the idea.  He’d come back from the pub to pick up his coat and Mzeke, who was on night shift, found him staring at the map of Runyon’s last movements.

When Mzeke asked him what he was doing he said, “All those turns, road crossings and almost doubling back.  It’s like he was seeing people in front of him, isn’t it?  Would they have kept in touch by phone, do you think?”

Burn phones, of course.  Memo to all staff, if you’re using a burn phone for work never give the number to your girlfriend or kids.

We found a link.

Tags: addison, mzeke, prompt request july 12, runyon, segwin industries
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