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July Prompt Request

The Prompt Request is open from now (Saturday, 28 July, my time) until sometime Tuesday, 7 August, my time. is now closed.

If you give me more than one prompt you need to know that I will work through the list in order starting at the top.

The rules and parameters:

  1. Each prompt will be:
    1.  a short sentence or phrase;
    2. a story of mine posted to LJ you want to see more of – it does not need to come from a Prompt Request; or
    3. characters of mine from stories posted on LJ – they do not need to come from a Prompt Request.
  2. For each prompt I write to I will write 300±50 words.  If you want to see something I’ve done along these lines before, please see the results of my April and June Prompt Requests.  I have found that stories sometimes carry me away and you may get more than 350 words due to no fault of yours.
  3. I will write one prompt per person, unless you signal boost this Prompt Request or a story from it , in which case I will write an additional prompt per site/platform you boost on i.e. one prompt each on LJ, Twitter, Dreamwidth, etc, for each day of the prompt request you signal boost.  I am setting an arbitrary limit of 14 extra prompts per prompter from boosting.  You will need to tell me about your boosts because I am not across every site and platform.
  4. For each prompter I get, I will write 50 words in a prompting reward serial story;
  5. No fanfic, I just don’t know enough about enough current series and settings to do your favourites justice – give me a name or names and I promise what you get will not be the people you know and love; and
  6. Please, nothing that has to be porn – I have to be in the mood to write that sort of thing and I would like to be able to post these stories without warnings.  (Yes, I know, 1b & 1c could produce prompts that are almost like that.)
  7. For every ten prompt-based pieces I write I will I write a background piece on a world or character, subject to be chosen by audience poll.

Why am I doing this?  Practice!  Plus I’ve found that I enjoy the interaction with all of you.

And yes, there is a tip jar.  This is for extensions.  I will write extensions at 500 words per $5.00.

  1. If I receive any money for extensions I can no longer be flabbergasted because that’s already happened but I will be very surprised. J
  2. For every $15 I receive for paid extensions I will write to one more prompt, chosen by those who have paid for extensions, from any ‘unsupported’ prompts received in the Prompt Request.  This will occur after I have written the paid extensions.  An ‘unsupported’ prompt is one which does not have a signal boost to support it.

If you are kind enough to give me more signal boosts than you want to prompt, I will use each of your ‘left over’ signal boosts to power another 50 words in the prompt reward story.

Please tell me where you’ve signal boosted as a reply to your comment giving me prompts.

Thank you for participating.

<input ... >Prompt Extensions
<select ... ><option ... >100 words$1.00 AUD</option><option ... >200 words$2.00 AUD</option><option ... >300 words$3.00 AUD</option><option ... >400 words$4.00 AUD</option><option ... >500 words$5.00 AUD</option><option ... >600 words$6.00 AUD</option><option ... >700 words$7.00 AUD</option><option ... >800 words$8.00 AUD</option><option ... >900 words$9.00 AUD</option><option ... >1000 words$10.00 AUD</option></select>
<input ... > <input ... >

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"They were an unnatural presence"
One of your characters goes to an Olympic-style contest.
Amazonian woman/weak male.
Other gender role reversals
Demons on vacation.
Moar Rensa
More Starflower
--what happened to her stupid brother?
the silver collar
the unwanted reward
The circle story comes around.
Water demon and the race
The unwilling master/Keeper/Owner
Getting your child ready for the [something]
Digging up something unexpected

I have now DW/LJ/Twitter boosted you twice.

I have written to your second prompt here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/94615.html

Edited at 2012-08-07 09:34 am (UTC)

I have written to your seventh prompt here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/97423.html

Edited at 2012-08-18 08:30 am (UTC)

I have written to your ninth prompt here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/98019.html

And there is still your extension to come. (So I can finish things off.)

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