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Rensa's History - A Working Conversation

Having looked at what most people who made suggestions for the subject of the background piece wanted, I came up with this.

Silverwater is a southern province of the Empire which has had at least one passing mention in the series.

“The optimal settlement pattern is laid out in the Colonial Development Plan.”  The computer went on, “Variations to the Plan promote inefficiency.”

“It is inefficient to try to put a town in the middle of a swamp-ringed lake or halfway up a thousand metre escarpment,” retorted Emperor and Senior Active Administrator Genad, brushing back his agouti hair with one hand.  “We don’t have the resources to build the supports for one or the access to either.”

“Sites JL529 and JS845 are suboptimal building locations,” the Central Unit of the Colonial Development System noted.  “There are always potential issues when designating settlement locations without having actual terrain data that appear to have been ignored by the Plan’s developers.”

“Or they expected human intervention to make any necessary adjustments,” retorted Genad.  “Okay, accepting that we need population centres in both these localities but not necessarily on the precise designated points, based on all available data where would you recommend construction?”

“Calculating.”  After five minutes it announced, “The recommended alternate construction sites are JL529.36 and JS844.90.”

“So,” Genad consulted the map, “JL529.36 is the only really solid piece of lake shore and JS844.90 is at the base of the escarpment, near the waterfall.”

“Both locations are within parameters,” the Central Unit commented serenely.

“Is there enough space at JL529.36 for a provincial administrative hub?”  Genad tapped the map with his finger.

“The designated provincial area has a disproportionately high percentage of surface water and water-logged terrain types,” advised the Central Unit.  “If you were prepared to compromise the location of the settlement at JL527 to JL527.12, then it would be on a hill beside the junction of two potentially navigable rivers.  It would seem to be a location of future economic potential.”

“Agreed,” sighed Genad.  “Shift the provincial administrative centre to JL527.12.  Name the designated provincial area ‘Silverwater’ and pass the provincial plan to Population and Construction.”

“Done.”  The Central Unit was efficient.

“Very well,” Genad rolled his shoulders.  “What else needs to be decided in the JS space?”

Tags: defensive diaspora, genad, prompt request june 12, rensa, silverwater.
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