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June Prompt Request Background Piece
Good Gentles all and also anyone who doesn't consider themselves to be in this category,

I have written pieces in response to fifteen prompts which means that you are entitled to "a background piece on a world or character, subject to be chosen by audience poll."

The question is, what would you like that piece to be?  You are the audience, what would you like to hear about?

I will leave this open for 24 hours for suggestions to accumulate.

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You know what I want; I'll see if anyone else has an opinion this time!

I think I need you to specify what you'd like to see this time please.

More of Rensa's back history, or of one of the other worlds those people colonized.

Thank you. I had a tie to break.

I was trying to not hog all the requests!

I'd like to read more about the wider universe that Rensa lives in or more about the Solstice world.

-Friendly Anon

Yes, please?

Wait, you wanted an answer with data in it. The world of the Chambourian Verses? Rune's world, maybe the background of House Sjeldnjar? More of the history of Rensa's world?

See? I knew other people would ask for Rensa's world!! :-D

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