rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Anger Food

I wrote this to ellenmillion's first prompt.

You can’t buy it easily, they took it off the shelves.  if you have a need, if you have a prescription, you can get it.

But so many hoops to jump through.  Why do you want it?  What harm might you do?  Is that balanced by the need?

So you get a prescription, a countersigned prescription because a doctor’s word alone isn’t good enough, then you go to one of the designated shops to queue at the special counter up the back.

Most of the others in the queue will be there for extreme, overwhelming precursors to other emotions, usually love, lust or serenity.  Those are the biggies, of course, an industry lives off all the grades of precursor for those emotions.  Even at the back counter your purchase will come in branded packaging carefully designed to tie in with the rest of the range and help increase brand recognition.  There are a those emotions that no-one wants to admit they pander to.  Hate, rage and disinterest.  Brown paper and cellophane.

Disinterest vareies though, depending on the latest fad and majority reaction to it.  Buesson’s has a disinterest range with their standard packaging trope but you only see it on the shelves when something ugly is going on like the punchdrunking craze or that Apocalyptic cult thing a few years ago.

As I as saying, sometimes you pass the prescription over the counter and they don’t have the stock, “No call for it.”  Sometimes they have the stock but it’s out of date.  This one time the assistant behind the counter showed me what was growing out of it, it had been so long since anyone had even looked at it.  Neither of us wanted to try those mushrooms.

Finally, you have your prescription filled with something edible, take it home, cook it and eat.  After you’ve put a warning notice on your door, of course.  The rush you get from that surge of emotion!

Anger food deserves better packaging, honestly.

Oh, me?  Someone fed me too much disinterest specifics years ago.  Almost killed my adrenals.  It’s anger food or nothing.

Tags: prompt request june 12
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