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About That Bet

I wrote this in response to kelkyag's first prompt.

“What are we doing?”  Rensa thought that Yannic was being deliberately mysterious for the fun of it.  Having been married to him for almost a week, and after living with him for that time, she could believe that he was capable of that.  She hadn’t had much choice in marrying him of course but Kiriel had and, all in all, Rensa was of the opinion that on that point Kiriel’s head had been firmly screwed onto her shoulders.  Yannic, well being married to Yannic seemed to be rather nice.  But he was still being mysterious.  “Where are you taking me?”

“You could say we’re helping Bannoc win a bet,” he smiled at her conspiratorially.  “We just have to collect my mother and aunt, and then we can be on our way.”

“Are they expecting us?”  Rensa was hoping Tyrren and her sister knew more about this than she did.

“No.  If they’re expecting us, they might not co-operate.  The less the three of you know…,” he trailed off deliberately.

“You’re teasing me!”

“It’s the expression you get just as you realise that,” he smiled then added, “and I’ve told you what that makes me think.”  She dimpled and there was a private moment of warm looks and smiles.  “Parents.  Must collect parents!”  He led her in the direction of the guest rooms again.

“Parents, plural?  Is this something about Mirren?”  Rensa was trotting to keep up, Yannic had longer legs and was much fitter.

“I’ve said enough, come on.”  He hurried along and she couldn’t get anything more out of him until they reached the guest quarters.  There he frankly smoodged his mother and aunt into coming with them and led on towards the public rooms of the palace.

“I know you’re up to something,” his mother shook her head, “and I’m only coming to find out what it is, you understand?”

“Just as long as you come,” was all he said.

When Yannic opened the door Tyrren’s comment was, “Oh?”

Her sister followed her into the room and asked, “Where’s Mirren?  She must be the only one not here.”  Rensa and Yannic followed them into one of the reception rooms.  All of Yannic’s family was there plus a number of Yannic’s friends including brave Kolloc of the fussy plans who was wearing a close coms headset.  In the centre of the room was a pantu rug, the registration book on its stand and a Registrar.

Kolloc said something into his mouth piece and a few moments later the door on the opposite side of the room opened and Bannoc and Mirren entered with Mirren saying, “And why are you wearing that earpiece?  Are you-.”  She stopped as she realised they weren’t alone.  “What?”

“You said that if I got your family together and organised everything we could get betrothed now.”

Mirren’s face worked for a moment and a tear leaked down her face.  “I didn’t believe,” the tears were streaming down her face now, “I didn’t believe,” then she threw her arms around the puzzled Bannoc and buried her face in his chest, “that you really meant it.”

He put his arms around her and looked confused.

Tags: bannoc, defensive diaspora, kolloc, mirren, prompt request june 12, rensa, tyrren, yannic
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