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April Prompt Request Summary

It took me a little over a month to finish off the prompts from April, which was why I didn't hold a May prompt request.

April resulted in the following stories:

Public Consultation
Complications Happen
Inheritance 2
Wedding Day  
The Project
Inappropriate Use of a Time Machine
How The World Changed
Side Effect
It Was Just A Card Game
Dealing With Objections
Choices and Consequences
The Only Girl For You
Beginning Of The Year Adjustments
Too Clever
An Introduction To Rope
Wherein Nai Makes A Decision
The Prince Of Cats
The First Of Her Kind

I also wrote a background piece, Rensa's Universe: Background 2, and counting the list of stories above, I owe everyone a second background piece.

The Prompters' Story continues with our protagonists hiding on a train.

The April Prompt Request also resulted in my first paid extension - I regret not having having a suitably flabbergasted image to show you all.

Thank you everyone who participated.

Everyone who has a background piece they would like to see, please leave a comment below giving me an idea of what you would like.

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