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How It All Went Wrong

I wrote this in about 15 minutes at 3:30 in the morning in response to this image http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/dued/2011March . 


Enuris had gotten them into trouble again. A perfectly sensible meeting in a tavern had turned to shit.

Balnur the fast talking thief had set it up. Elves from Gonkwood who couldn’t enter Palsapar were looking to hire someone who could go there to retrieve a stolen item. Merrien and Palo, the ranger and the wizard respectively, were along to satisfy the potential clients that they were a serious party - elves never believed you were serious unless you had bows and magic. Alchar hadn’t come. The Haloan priest had to at least pretend that commercial arrangements were below him, even if he had to earn money for his keep as much as the rest of them. Enuris wasn’t supposed to be there. The fighter was good at his job but they’d found that it was best to keep him away from potential clients. He just didn’t know when to shut up. And that was when he wasn’t drunk.

They hadn’t known he was in the same tavern as them, perhaps he hadn’t been, until he’d stumbled up to the table three sheets to the wind, put his large paw on the shoulder of the Forest Lady’s second daughter and asked Balnur who his pretty friend was. Then he’d asked the elven noble woman in question what she charged for a walk in the back alley. Loudly. Balnur had quietly tried to apologise to the elves and get Enuris to go away or be quiet, but Enuris had come back just as loudly that he’d thought the two male elves were peddling their wares to Merrien and Palo. Then he’d asked the lady if two silver were enough and produced the coins from his pocket for her inspection.

Which is how Merrien and Palo came to be levitating on a table in a tavern while exchanging arrows with a pair of Gonkwood’s finest elven warriors. The elven lady was using an ancestral magic sword to try and carve Enuris’s kidneys out the long way while he was fending her off with a tavern bench and complementing her on her spirit. That was just making her angrier. Balnur, no-one was quite sure what Balnur was doing, but from outside the whistles indicated the Watch was coming and in a hurry.

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