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It Was Just A Card Game
I wrote this to lilfluff's fourth prompt.

I got drunk last night.  I keep telling myself that.

I went over to Charlie’s to play cards.  Most of the usual group couldn’t come at the last minute, as sometimes happens, so Charlie’d rung around for stand-ins so the game could still go on.  Card night is her mother’s bingo night and she won’t give up the weekly game without a fight.

There were six of us.  Charlie, of course.  Her cousin Deidre’s second- and fourth-last exes, Ben and Tiffany respectively.  Taylor who could only come because her kids were at a school holiday pajama party.  Yours truly and some guy Charlie’d met through one of her work’s suppliers.

Charlie’s mother has views on gambling so games at her place are for points, or in five cent increments or, when we’re broke or silly, we play for fantasy.  Three bottles down among the table, all the five cents in front of Taylor, and we were in the mood for fantasy.

Charlie handed out the paper and the pens then tried to explain the rules.  “You write down what you want to bid,” she said.  “Nothing real.  Nothing from a book.  You can’t put up the title or the estates of the Count of Monte Cristo, but you could put up the Manor of Artelier or the title of Duke of Gornay.”

“Spells,” I reminded her, “you can bid spells and magical weapons.”

“Minions,” added Tiffany who’d played with us before.

“Ah.”  The new guy, he was either Kerry or Gerry, grinned.  “Sounds like fun.”

So we scribbled on our bits of paper, bid outrageously, and I drank lots more wine.  My glass never emptied.  Oh, and I won.

By the time Mrs T came home and kicked us out, I must’ve had fifty bits of paper in front of me.  I said my goodnights and walked out the door with everyone else.  I was taking a deep breath out the front of the house before I walked home when Gerry or Kerry came up to me.  He had my fantasy winnings wadded up in his hand and he pushed them into my coat pocket.

What he said in my ear was, “I cheated.  Mine are real.  Good luck.”  Then he was gone.

At that point I thought he was cute but weird.

Now I’m sober.  It’s morning and according to the chits written in blood lying on my kitchen table, my winnings off Gerry/Kerry include: 3 dark towers; two dread armies; and The Black Sword of Lagloch.  Oh, and I’m Dark Lady of Grean.

So, I have two commanding generals in front of me swearing fealty.  What do I do now?

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Accept their fealty, then order them to find GerryKerry!

It wouldn't surprise me if he's already left town...

They're impressive, they can find him!!

Tell them to assume a defensive position. If you've got two dread armies and a set of dark towers, then that means Our Heroes are on their way to make hash of your evening (probably around midnight at the full moon)

That could explain why Gerry/Kerry offloaded everything.

Notice the manpower issue here: three towers but only two armies to protect them! I doubt the sword will do much by itself.

Also, odds are good they didn't come with land or villagers to pay taxes and provide food for the armies, so first order of business is going to be getting things on a self-supporting basis.

I'd suggest rebranding the Dark Towers and Dread Armies: "Come to beautiful and historically rich Grean, with highly picturesque and prestigious accommodations and well-trained and equipped police to keep you safe! Now under new management. Opportunities at all level!"

Excellent suggestions! Maybe there were three armies but there's already been an infestation of heroes?

Heh. Love it. First step, get on the internet and download *all* the variations of the Evil Overlord List. Then set about becoming the most affable overlord of modern history, half to avoid slaying and half just to see the expression on the heroes faces when they show up.

"Would you mind coming back to defeat me next week? The Dread Armies should be finished with The Dreaded School Remodeling by then... What? Of course it's dreaded. At least by the kids it is." :}

Thank you.

Maybe she should get a social secretary to book the heroes in for their defeating evil opportunities?

Glad you liked it. We'll see what the other prompts bring up. (Yours is under way but not yet finished.)

<happy dance>

I can be patient. :) At least sometimes.

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