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Obnoxious Dragons

This was originally posted at http://unorthodoxcreativity.com/15minfic.php in response to the prompt obnxious dragons.

She had decided that the matter was too important to be left to humans, particularly when one of them was busy avoiding the other, so she went to see Him. He loomed large in her mind and senses simply because he was so large and male and old. She doubted that it was truly Brighthelm who was running his dragon breeding program.

She dropped down into the stables while the humans were going through their drills and daily business. While that was happening this part of the stables was deserted, except for him. She was, of course, invisible. It would not do to alarm the humans who worked for Brighthelm, after all she was here for a private conversation.

Her descent still sent the flutterlings diving up wards in their flocks. Not to matter, the silly little things were always being startled by something. She perched on a portion of stable roof facing the stall of the breeding male, the other stalls in this cul-de-sac being empty. The humans probably thought that was their idea, but she suspected that He just wanted his privacy.

“I know you’re there,” his great green and grey mass came forward out of the gloom of the stable.

She became visible, hidden from general sight below the ridge line, and made only as much submission as she had to, flattening her purple and silver length on the roof.

“Ah, Perios,” he greeted her with a deep rumble, “To what do I owe the pleasure? I see Weirdstone is not with you.”

“As if I would bring him here,” she snorted delicately, “This is too important for him to be mixed up in. I have come about a matter of breeding.”

He put his head up, his interest perked, “We could do it now, if you wish.”

“Not us”, she hissed, “Our riders, Weirdstone and that girl of Brighthelm’s. He doesn’t know who she is and he’s been looking for her. I propose we get them together in such a way that Brighthelm doesn’t know who his daughter is breeding with until it’s too late, if ever.”

“Marriage, Perios, the humans call it marriage,” he rumbled with laughter.

“I know that,” she snapped, “But it’s the breeding that’s important. What do you say?”

“Yes,” he agreed, “Let’s get her out of here and into her own nursery. Brighthelm’s fits and fancies are beginning to annoy me anyway.”

Tags: brighthelm, perios, weirdstone
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