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The Project
I wrote this to Friendly Anon's first prompt.  For those who may wonder, this is in Rensa's universe.

“The client has gained the rights to a world that was the subject of a high end terraforming and colonisation project terminated by government fiat as part of the Defensive Diaspora.”  The project leader clicked a button that sent a copy of the project to each of the team leaders seated around the briefing room table.  “As you can see, the project ceased just after they’d seeded reef development and flowering plants, but the current situation is promising with a very low level of total species loss despite the lack of pollination vector and seed distribution species.  Unfortunately our clients don’t have the original plan and so we’ve been hired to reconstruct the project and develop a solution that supports the client’s aims.  The client is not insisting on original or unique work but does insist that it builds on and is compatible with the work already done.  Each specialist team will work on their solution and our first integration meeting will be at 14:00 tomorrow.”

A coffee and comfort break after the project meeting finished, the terrestrial teams met.  When that meeting finished there was another short break, then the animals teams met.  The predator team leader led off with, “How much of a wild ecology does the client want?”

“Small stuff only ”  That was the speed reader in the small animals team.  “Nothing that can threaten a human or domesticated livestock.  Nothing venomous to humans, livestock or pet species.  Wants rodentia equivalents to be potentially human edible.”

“How much of a potential feral ecology can the client tolerate?”  That came from the team that would be designing the livestock.

“Seems to think the potential’s a good idea,” volunteered the speed reader.  “Pet species proposals: canine, vulpine, feline and raptor?”

“We’ll need to make sure we include raptor prey species in our small animal roster then,” noted that team’s leader.  “We’ll need to liaise we you in avians on that.”  The avian team leader nodded in agreement.

“We and botanicals will be liaising on pollination species,” added the insects leader.  “When livestock has firmed up their proposals we’ll need to talk dung beetles.”

“Always a pleasure,” the livestock team leader smiled.  “We’ll be talking cellulose and mast converters in the main.  Anything else?”

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Ooh! *perks up* interesting

No big predators, though...

If you were building a farming economy/ecology from the base up, would you include big predators?

Mmmmmaybe, if I needed some way to keep the wild herbivores in check? Letting them boom and bust as the food supply allows might push them into farmland unfortunately often.

“How much of a wild ecology does the client want?”

“Small stuff only ”

I think the plan is that the big 'wild' herbivores will ferals.

Right, but even the little wild herbavores need to be kept in check. Rabbits can be quite destructive if their population booms.


I want to hear what they come up with someday.

So, are the pets going to be some of each type, or a single pet with characteristics of them all?

-Friendly Anon

Please add the defensive diaspora tag to this one, and add it to the landing page?

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