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Summary: March Prompt Request

I feel I should give a summary of the March Prompt Request because I have finished the writing and it is almost time to do April...

Despite the death of my computer mid-Request, I think things went really well.  I had seven prompters and wrote to 26 prompts,  plus 350 words for the Prompters' Story serial and two background pieces.  There were no paid extensions but there have been two extension pieces done because I wanted to write what happened next.

The pieces written to prompts were:

A Problem - more of the Elf's universe;
Female Bonding - while the men of the family watch football...;
Aftermath - concerning the invasion of Terra;
Who Was He? - in which there is a jerk, a girl and a guy who was passing;
Heart To Heart - Rensa's friend Mirren finds out what's up with Bannoc;
Strategy Meeting - it helps to have a plan;
A Dream of Bees - more of Tarrascotti and his wives;
Down Below - more in the world tree;
Innovative Solutions Guide - one arcology has a program to prevent a common problem;
You, We, They Did What? - the fallout from the Terran invasion continues;
Harmony Saved My Life - action in the face of evil;
Broken Hearts - a break up over a deal breaker;
In the Potato Bunker - one of those moments;
Draft Letter - congratulations and welcome to the responsibilities of citizenship;
Unnoticed Talent - somewhere in the Terrencian Empire, 1940ish;
Solstice Future - Montage Scene 5 - Family Discussion - Constantine, Dagmar and Rune talk family stuff;
New Beginning - an origin story;
Market Wars - I fear these are but the opening shots;
Implementation - this follows on from Innovative Solutions Guide;
Confession and Penance - this follows on almost immediately from Heart to Heart;
Engineering's Take - this follows on from Implementation;
Pick-Up Joint - Friday night in a bar;
Alchemy 101 - Opening Remarks - mandatory units are to ensure you have a rounded education;
Inheritance - matters arising from the Estate;
The Sleeper - a secret; and
Developing Problem - this follows on from A Problem;

The two extension pieces were:
A Place to Stay for the Winter - this follows on from A Dream of Bees; and
Further Revelations - this follows on from Unnoticed Talent.

The two background pieces were:
Rensa's Universe Background Information Entry; and
Starflower and Rodolfo Background Piece.

The 350 words of Prompters' Story ended with our two main characters trying to hide on a train.

Two weeks was probably a bit long for the Prompt Request to remain open but a weekend might be a tad short.  I will try a week for April.

Finally, thank you everyone who participated.
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