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Market Wars
I wrote this in response to lilfluff's third prompt.

“We need to guarantee our clients’ market penetration,” the campaign director was walking around the meeting room.  “We’ve sewn up almost every slot we need for this campaign but we still need just one commercial slot in the Oak Bowl Championship Game telecast.”

A blonde woman in an immaculate pale green-gray suit looked up a schedule.  “There’s very little still available, sir.  A few slots haven’t been confirmed and finalised, if we bid and pay quickly we can gazump them-“

“We need the last slot of the ad break leading directly into the second half.”  He was decisive, wheeling to a stop beside the white board, hands behind his back and facing the meeting.  “Nothing else will do.”

She shook her head, “Sir, that’s been rock solid for months.  Aldis and Havershot are using it to launch their campaign for Benetrix.”

“I believe I can pull some strings which are unavailable to you, Miss Trent.”  The campaign manager smiled.  “Leave it to me, we will have that slot.”

Later, in his office, the campaign manager spoke to one of the firm’s specialist employee’s.  “Mr Broyle,” he addressed the neatly dressed man with an appropriate mixture of authority and respect, “the firm needs you to make sure that Aldis and Havershot don’t have a campaign to launch during the Oak Bowl.”

“Certainly, Mr Fielding,” Mr Broyle nodded.  “Consider it done.”

Four weeks later the board of Aldis and Havershot were holding a coronial inquiry into their stillborn campaign for their ex-client Benetrix.  “It was Meals and Sons,” accused the former Benetrix account manager bitterly.  “I can’t prove it of course but they were amazingly ready to step into that prime Oak Bowl slot.  I swear they knew we wouldn’t be able to use it.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” agreed Mr Aldis.  “Benatrix is lost to us.  Mr Hugo,” he looked at the erstwhile account manager, “I hear Meals and Sons are courting Immer Line’s cruising account.  Immer Holdings has many assets, see what accounts Meals and Sons have that are in competition with them.  I’m sure they’re doing nothing wrong, but…”  He smiled.

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The fallout here is going to be messy, possibly for a lot of people ..

In the last paragraph, I think one instance of "Aldis and Havershot" should be "Meals and Sons", but I'm not quite sure which one.

You were right, but it was both of them.

Thank you for the pick up - I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you about it.

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