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Draft Letter

I wrote this to lilfluff's second prompt. I apologise to Messrs Eddings and Pratchett who both wrote pieces that inspired parts of this.


Congratulations!  You have been selected as a member of the annual government service panel.

You are required to report to your local assessment centre for medical and aptitude testing within seven days of the date of this letter.  Your photo id, this letter and any supporting evidence for an exemption for all or part of your three year term should be presented at this time.

Your employer is required to hold your current position open for you to return to on completion of your term of service.  Failure to do so may result in a corporate fine of up to $150,000 and punitive service terms for the identified decision makers.

You will receive a weekly living allowance during your term of service that will take into account your ongoing financial commitments and your personal sustainment needs.  Your allowance will not cover any commitments entered into after the date of this letter.  Additionally, the ability of other members of your household to contribute to its financial running will be taken into account when calculating your allowance.

You may find that you are selected for one of the positions identified for mandatory incarceration for the term of your service.  These are listed in section 1 on the back of this letter.  This will affect the quantum of your living allowance but the portion paid to your dependents will ensure that their needs will be met.  Visiting hours for these positions are generous.

If you are selected for one of the identified financial positions listed in section 2 on the back of this letter, then your real and liquid assets will be held in trust for you until your term of service is completed.  The trust fund will be administered by a qualified fund controller whose own assets will be directly affected by his or her decisions, guaranteeing the fund controller’s diligent attention to your affairs.

To ensure that you are not trapped overseas before you are able to commence your term of service, your passport is no longer valid for exiting the country.

Should you fail to attend an assessment centre within the stated period then you will be collected for assessment by armed law enforcement agents.

Yours in service,

Martine de la Vour

Service Draft Board President

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