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A Problem

This is in response to ysabetwordsmith's first prompt.

“Amanda?”  Bolt claimed the administrator’s attention with grace, his voice carrying no trace of the concern that was producing the creases around his eyes and on his forehead in his darkened by sun to deep caramel skin.

“Yes?”  She took in the uncharacteristic expression on his face, laid her pen aside and asked, “What’s the problem?”  She gestured to one of the chairs facing her desk.

“I maintain an email address for professional purposes,” he sat gracefully, hands folded in his lap, long legs crossed at the ankles in front of him, “and I have received an approach of interest to our employer.”

Amanda raised an eyebrow.  “Isn’t this conversation a breach of professional etiquette?”

“I’m taking the Elf’s money, so it is in my interests to protect his interests.”  Bolt smiled briefly.  “Also, I have no wish to be considered a potential traitor.”

Amanda nodded, understanding in her honey-coloured eyes.  “If you give me the details, I’ll pass the information on.”

As she picked up the pen there was a knock on the door.  “I’m sorry to interrupt,” it was Calhoun, “but I need to discuss a matter of business.”

Bolt looked over at the doorway where the slightly shorter, bearded man stood.  “You too?” he asked.

“My agent has received an approach,” Calhoun agreed.  “The interested parties made it clear who their intended target is.  I should add, for this audience alone, that my agent is unaware that I’m on the Elf’s payroll.”

“Please, come in and sit down too,” Amanda indicated another chair.  “I’ll need to get the details from both of you.”

“Certainly.”  Calhoun was all urbanity and his face showed none of Bolt’s concern, but his movements and pose spoke of action ready to be released when needed.  “Once, could be just of those things.  Twice, could be coincidence.  If there’s a third, perhaps Jung in Three or la Sare in Four, then we have a pattern.”

“Agreed,” that was Bolt.

Amanda’s, “You’re right,” was simultaneous.  Then she added, “After I’ve passed on your information we’ll have to work out who else they might ask.”

Tags: amanda, bolt, calhoun, prompt request 120324, the elf
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