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Solstice Future - Montage Scene 4

This follows on from Solstice Day 3.  Not immediately but you'll see what I mean.

Isadora felt warm and safe and loved, snuggled in between the two men.  She had a horrible feeling that the question she had to ask was going to ruin everything.  Deep breath.

“So, did you two think about what I said?”  She was tentative because she was nervous, scared of the damage this might do.

“You’re not talking marriage.”  That was Hass, the older of the two.

“That’s right,” she agreed quietly, “You two were a couple before I came along, then I hooked up with you.  If I get married, I can only have one husband.”

“Surely, you can only have one official consort,” that was still Hass while behind her Weld was doing something comforting on her hip with his free upper hand.

“That’s one of the beauties of being part of the royal family,” she gave a shy smile, “everything talks about official and acknowledged consorts but nothing actually limits how many you can have at once.  I think it’s a hold over from when kings and war leaders used to have more than one wife.  My grandmother’s cousin, Prince Nils, had two official consorts – they still live in the Bjorgen Palace in Gorodische.  My great great uncle, Prince Eirik, had six.”

“That seems a touch extreme,” commented Hass gravely.

“Apparently they crewed his airship.  Anyway,” she returned to the subject in hand, “would you two like to stay with me?  Be my official consorts?”  Deep breath.  “Father and help me raise my children?  Till death do us all part?”

“Official consorts would make us part of the Royal Family,” Weldon said warningly from behind her, his head just above and behind hers on the pillow, “with all the attention that entails.”

“I know,” she ducked her head into Hass’ chest, “but my parents like you, Uncle Bill likes you, Aunty Dagmar thinks you’re wonderful-,”

“She’s biased,” cut in Hass, “but what are you afraid of?  You’re trembling, you know.”

“You might say no.”  She tilted her head to look at Hass and then turned her head to look at Weld, as much as she could.  “You might not want to go through life as the Princes Isadora.

Hass chuckled.  Weld dropped a kiss on the top of her head.  Both of them held her tighter.



“Of course the answer’s yes.”

Tags: age in birthday month, hass, isadora, solstice, weld
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