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Solstice Scenes Montage - Any Wishes?
I'm doing a series of "Solstice Future" montage scenes at the moment.  Two are up and a third with Rune is threatening to go on for some time yet.
Is there anything or anyone those of you who've been following the Solstice series would like to see followed up?

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Yes, please?

Solstice Day part three introduced all sorts of fascinating people, and suddenly I want to chase all over the place in what had been a fairly linear tale. The test results coming back and various members of the Sjeldnar family reviewing them. Rune meeting her mother. Prince Aurora's two newest employees. Galina repairing a generation's worth of harm done on her watch. Caliburn's sweetie. The Sjeldnar family sorting out their futures. Whether anyone finds the precautionary measures Rune took before going to solstice dinner. Those young men Constantine thinks Rune might like, and/or what happens if/when she shows up at work with her new rings. Several zillion other things, I'm sure ...

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