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Solstice Future - Montage Scene 2
calm, purple me
This follows on from Solstice Day 3.  Not immediately but you'll see what I mean.

Princess Citrine had very few visitors.  The estate outside Kobolgrad had been hers since she came of age but she hadn’t cared much for place so had hardly ever visited, ensuring only that it was kept sound and was running well.  Now she was in permanent residence, confined to the house and immediate ground, held incommunicado and under house arrest with a cover story of infirmity.  None of her family came near; free of her leash, they were ignoring her.

Having a visitor was a surprise.  This visitor was almost a shock.

“Your Highness,” the Ruhtig bowed to her from the doorway.

“Ruhtig Algernon,” Princess Citrine’s acknowledgement and greeting was stiff, “Won’t you please have a seat?”

“Thank you, Your Highness, but I’ll stand,” Algernon Sjeldnar did not smile but he did come closer, just short of being inside her personal space, his skinny height looming on the edge of good manners.  He spoke again, quickly, clearly but quietly enough that n-one outside the room would hear him.  “I understand you feared I’d take after my father, Your Highness.  A reasonable concern -we both know he’d have made a play for control of the throne.  But you should have been worried I’d channel my grandfather.”  He paused, eyes bright, before going on.  “He would have considered what you did to my niece and, through her, the wider family a declaration of war.  Fortunately, I think your sister is imposing a fitting punishment.”

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see my next post asking for suggestions?

I didn't know what I wanted before. Now I do. The niece and her leatherboys. Please. And the Queen and her sister's daughters.

And grandchildren! Did Ravnhild's offhand comment trigger the latest attack on Dagmar?

Yes. It did. I will have to think about "and grandchildren".

Possibly Citrine's influence on/over her grandchildren is indirect enough, and/or they are mostly young enough, that they will not be so directly affected by her "exile". Not every character requires followup -- we haven't even met most of the grandchildren -- but I wouldn't want to accidentally miss an interesting one. :) That or I'm just greedy.

Ravnhild's offhand comment? /has no memory/

In the car. About Sebastian saying they had to pick up his niece.

Solstice Day Part I: "I heard him saying something to his driver about picking someone up. I think he said niece, but I could be wrong."

Found it, but thank you. You have a far better memory than I do!!

I may have just thumbed through most of it looking for a different reference ... <looks innocent>

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