rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

February Prompt Request Round Up

I believe I have now written all the stories I promised in return for prompting and boosting.  Please let me know if I've missed you or written you fewer stories than you signal boosted.

This month's stories were:

A Stitch in Time;
Custom Made;
About The First Wife's Family;
It Was In All The Papers;
In Which A Job Is Handed Out;
The First Mission;
Magical Squares;
What Are These Forms For?;
Ongoing Maintenance;
They Came In The Night;
Friendly Fire; and
The Blood Plum Mystery.

The Prompters' Story is here.  I will continue the Prompters' Story next month, sort of like a serial.  If it is of any help to anyone, it and Friendly Fire are set in the same world at about the same time.

Paid extensions are available if anyone is interested.  There may also be sequels and responses to "moar!' written when I get an idea about what happens next.

I hope everyone had fun and I hope to this again at the end of this month.

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