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What Are These Forms For?
This is for aldersprig's third prompt.

“Excuse me?”  The tired-looking young woman on the public’s side of the counter tried to attract the attention of one of the busy office staff.

“Yes?”  The one who replied was taller and neater than her, the glasses on her high nose giving her an air of feeling superior to those around her.

“My therapist told me I had to come here this morning and fill in an ADQ 158?  I know she told me it would take all day but my boss wasn’t happy about me having the day off, even for mandatory therapy, so I was hoping that perhaps...?

“I’m sorry,” the staff member gave her client an austere smile, “the process takes as long as it takes.  I can certainly call your workplace and confirm your attendance though.”

“Thank you.  Could you?”  The young woman returned her smile.

“We’ll just get you to fill the form in,” the staff member gave her a clipboard and a pen, “Then I’ll make the call.”

When she handed it in the staff member scanned it quickly, ticked some boxes and handed her two more forms.  “Thank you, Anoria.  Now take this AER 236 and this MDS 5 to Room 11B and hand them in completed to the receptionist there.  That’s down to your left then the first right.

The receptionist wore pink, smiled as she accepted the forms and looked them over.  “Right,” she passed over three forms clipped together.  “Fill these in and then we’ll send you in to the examination room.”

“Examination room?”  Anoria was sure she squeaked.  “Examination for what?”

“It’s all part of the process,” the receptionist smiled, “just fill in the forms and we can get everything moving.”

After an hour long medical examination, including blood taking and a scan, Anoria was released with a lunch chit and an appointment card.

She ate her nutritionally balanced and portion controlled meal then reported for her appointment.

The swish secretary outside the room ushered her into the presence of a very senior government therapist.  Anoria was sure she was about to get into trouble for wasting time and resources.

“Ah, Anoria,” he was beaming at her in an avuncular manner, “we’ve examined your case and come to the conclusion that your identified issues all stem from an almost complete lack intimate social, emotional and physical contact.  If this was an easy situation for you to solve, well, you wouldn’t have the problems that brought you to our attention in the first place.”  He smiled at her but she just sat there stunned at his analysis of her ‘just a bit lonely’ position.  “So,” the therapist continued, “after all our analysis, cross checking and medical checks, you’ve been assigned as part of a mutual spousal issue.”

“I beg your pardon?”  Anoria did not understand him at all.

“We’ve found you a compatible husband.  Congratulations.”

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"Hi Mom, say, you know how you ask when I'll have grandchildren for you to spoil? Well I was just prescribed a husband..."

Say, does that mean insurance will cover the wedding expenses?

(As may hopefully be clear, I enjoyed this one :))

I'm glad you enjoyed it. She might not have a mother - that could be part of her problem.

Neat! I want to see more of this! Aesome!


Do not want! <flees screaming from the clinic>

Very "1984".

Clever though!

My apologies. Seeing the world through my own blinkers I've missed that this could be upsetting. How should I have labelled it?

Yes, it is in the flavour of "We know what is best for you" isn't it?

Oh no don't worry - it was a very minor almost-trigger at best and "We know what is best for you" is a very good description of this almost-trigger of mine. Looking at the comment above mine I can see that I am not the only one!

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