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About The First Wife's Family

This is in response to kelkyag's first prompt.  It also follows on from Meeting His Mother.

“Boys,” agreed Tyrren when Rensa had explained the situation to her, “Lots of boys.  Just in case,” she added thoughtfully, “the two of you should make sure plenty of his sperm is put into frozen storage.  The two of you might only manage to have girls together or we might have another disaster one day.”

“And Yannic is the only one sitting between us and the Central Unit of the CDS taking over.”  Rensa smiled at Tyrren.  “You think that if I spend my reproductive life producing daughters we’ll be selecting the mothers of his sons together?”

“I could help, if I’m still around,” Tyrren offered easily, “or Mirren, and a couple of my undoubtedly beautiful and intelligent granddaughters.  But it’s only a backup plan, it would still be best if you two breed madly and produce lots of boys.  If you think the odds need weighting, I know some herbalists up home who specialise in the reproductive.  Let me know if you think you need some introductions.”

“Thank you,” Rensa smiled back at her future mother-in-law, “I’ll keep that in mind.”  She dropped her eyes to the floor.  “So, what is it you think I need to know about his first wife’s family?”

Tyrren leaned back in her chair.  “They’ve been sniffing around, asking when Yannic’s coming to visit.  Dropping hints that if Kiriel’d lived she’d be Empress now and they should share anything that’s going.  They never came around me before, I was almost beneath their notice and Kiriel could always have done better for herself, if you know what I mean?”

Rensa nodded.

“Now they’re all about how wonderful he is and how much he’ll do for his home district and his relatives and how close they are to him.  I think,” Tyrren said slowly, “that they’re expecting Yannic to bring me to live in the Palace and are angling for an invitation to come too.”

Rensa asked seriously, “What contribution would they make to the work on hand?”

Tyrren grinned at her in delight.  “Oh, you wonderful girl!  They don’t expect to work at all!”

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