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Prompt Request Summary
I have finished writing to the prompts I received to my latest Prompt Request.  It took a little longer to finish off than I hoped - work and other real life issues got in the way.

If you so desire, paid extensions are still available.

The stories this month are:

When The Water Rose;
Near Encounter In A Bar;
Roaring In The Night;
Cloud Whisperer;
Shadows Of The Past;
Unicorn In A Dragon Pub;
Once Upon A Dream Of Willows;
Paradigm Change;
The Coop;
Labyrinthine Design; and

This month's Prompters' Story can be found here.

I found that a lot of my story ideas were running longer than the word limit I gave myself.  I think they all benefited from the editing but I am considering raising the words per story to 300 plus or minus 50.  (I still wound up with two stories that ran over length that I thought would lose more than they gained if I pruned further.)

I'm open to constructive feedback on how the Prompt Requests are run.

I will try to take into account requests in the comments for these stories where people said they'd like to see more of something, but I can't guarantee that will happen. *Paragraph 2*

Thank you all for your participation.

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Thank you for the stories!

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