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Unicorn in a Dragon Pub
This was written to ysabetwordsmith's second prompt.

Frith walked into the bar and knew exactly why Lix had asked him to meet her in this pub.  She was breaking up with him and she’d picked a spot he’d want to spend as little time in as possible.  He looked around and was relieved to see that so soon after opening he was the only customer.  He bought a shandy, he’d need to keep his wits about him here, and found somewhere to sit.  His uniform’s unicorn patches stuck out like a sore thumb in here.

He hadn’t wanted to be in the unicorn auxiliaries, no-one did except girls who were deliberately pale and interesting.  Even they found a unicorn fixation only went so far when the day job was environmental health and there weren’t any actual unicorns left.  No, he’d wanted to be with the wyverns, the minotaurs or even, two of them walked in and he cringed behind a pillar to avoid being seen, the dragons.

That wasn’t surprising; this was a dragon auxiliary pub.  The trouble was they’d beat non-dragons half to death, with prejudice, for being in their pub.

These two sat down on the other side of the pillar and started talking loudly as if alone.

“So, is Lix coming herself?”

“Course not.  She just lures them in and sets them up.  Give her a photo of the aftermath, she’s happy.”

“Not a nice girl, our Lix.”

“No, and she can spot the ones that had hopes of joining us.  Says it’s more fun when we do them.”

Then quieter, carrying just to Frith’s side of the pillar.  “We know you’re there, friend, all alone in the wrong place.  With the war, Lix’ game has stopped being funny.  Leave now past the men’s behind you and we can pretend we never saw you.”

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Yep, that's exactly why I think school uniforms are evil.

("Leave now past the men’s behind you" - should that be "men"?)

It's short for "men's room," i.e. toilets. It may just be a local usage in my part of the world.

Ah. Well, I don't know. XD

The mixed joys of vernacular idiom added to euphemism.

It's usage I recognize, for what that's worth.

I rather want Lix to get her just deserts, here, but I'm not sure how that would happen. At the least I hope her ... squadmates? will tell her to cut it out.

That's kinda creepy. At least he got a chance to escape, though.

Lix is not a nice person
On the other hand I have heard from someone who was in the British Army that in at least one garrison town in England there is at least one pub like that, minus Lix.

There are spots like that in gang territories sometimes, too.

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