rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

The Coop

This was written to lilfluff's middle listed prompt.

Lurnea had taken the job because she needed the money.  It wasn’t good but the tips helped and there were bouncers to keep trouble at bay.  She and Liau were the exotics of their shift of dancers: dark golden coffee bean and palest latte skins contrasting with the yellow/pink white and olive of the others.

There was a new man on the stage door this evening.  Big and with a single eyebrow across his face.  Something about his body language made her think he was just that bit too happy to be here.  That made her wonder whether he even had a security licence; if they were going hire enthusiastic, untrained boofheads for security then, well, money wasn’t everything.

“Hi.”  He looked her up and down the way sleazy customers did.  “Auditioning?  Show me your moves and I might let you in.”

“I already work here.”  She wasn’t giving him the encouragement of a return surveillance.

“Then I’ll come backstage later and get a special preview of your act.”  He smirked as he let her in.  “The name’s Wolf by the way.  If you’re good, I might bite you.”

She hurried inside so he wouldn’t see her shudder.  If he was permanent, serious or both she couldn’t keep working here.

The other dancers in their dressing room were making up all over and double checking costumes.  “What do you think of the new doorman?”  That was Liau, applying eyeliner as she spoke.

“He’s a creep,” Lurnea spat it out, with feeling.  “He wants a ‘special preview.’  Said his name’s Wolf and threatened to bite me.”

“Indeed?”  That was Miss Falcon, the manager, barefoot on the grey faux fur rug in the middle of the room.  “We know how to deal with wolves around here.”

Tags: liau, lurnea, prompt request 26 jan 12
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