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Prompt Request!

 The prompt request is open from now until this time tomorrow.

The prompt request is now closed to new prompts.  I will keep writing and you may still request extensions.  Thank you for all your support.

I was thinking of having a theme but ankewehnerand kelkyagboth asked me what I want to write and I realised the answer was “better stories,” so what I need is practice.

The rules and parameters:

  1. Each prompt will be a short sentence or phrase;
  2. For each prompt I write to I will write 250±50 words.  If you want to see something I’ve done along these lines before, please see my 30 Days of Flash Fiction tag or the results of my previous prompt request on the Prompt Request 31 dec 11 tag.
  3. I will write one prompt per person, unless you signal boost this prompt request, in which case I will write an additional prompt per site/platform you boost on i.e. one prompt each for LJ, Twitter, Dreamwidth, etc.
  4. For each prompter I get, I will write 50 words in a prompting reward story;
  5. No fanfic, I just don’t know enough about enough current series and settings to do your favourites justice – give me a name or names and I promise what you get will not be the people you know and love; and
  6. Please, nothing that has to be porn – I have to be in the mood to write that sort of thing and I would like to be able to post these stories without warnings.

Why am I doing this?  Practice!  Plus I have some days off work and it is very, very wet outside.

And yes, there is a tip jar.  This is for extensions.  I will write extensions at 500 words per $5.00.

Prompt Extensions
(Um, yes, maybe I can have a nice picture instead of this button next time.  One step at a time.  Yes, it is a 'Buy' button, not a 'Donate' button - I'm a little uncomfortable about Paypal Australia's rules on the 'Donate' button.  Contact me if the options on the button aren't sufficient for your needs.)

If you are kind enough to give me more signal boosts than you want to prompt, I will use each of your ‘left over’ signal boosts to power another 50 words in the prompt reward story.  Please tell me where you’ve signal boosted as a reply to your comment giving me prompts.

Thank you for participating.

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