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Pre-Warning for a Prompt Request
It's been almost(ish) a month since I tried having a prompt request and I think it went fairly well.

Well, due to a national holiday, a day of annual leave and a weekend I have four days in a row not at work coming up at the end of the week and I thought I'd try it again.

I expect to open calls for prompts Thursday morning my time.

In the meantime, I have a question for you - should this round of prompts have a theme?

Talk to me, please.

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Having a theme can help coming up with prompts.

Yes, it does.
So, any suggestions?

I don't know. What do you like to write about, or what would you like to write more about?

I did two prompt calls so far, and both were genres I don't write much in - science fiction for the first, and horror for the second. The next one I'm going to go with "Law and Order".

You could look at the lists of themes of ysabetwordsmith's Poetry Fishbowl (bottom of the entry) or Lyn's Giraffe Call for inspiration?

Somewhere I have a poll of suggested themes, too. I could dig it up, if you're interested.

(1/3 of mine have come from Dhampir's free icon calls ;-)

Thanks, I will think about it while I sleep.

Thank you.

I will think about it.

What do you want to write? What range of curveballs from your readers do you want to field? Would a theme help you?

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