rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Vasa from "The Elf" series.

Okay, I have some choices to make and I've decided to consult the gracious, intelligent and articulate group who've decided that it is occasionally worth their time to read my fiction.

Those who've read my (three so far) stories with "the elf" tag know that Vasa of the long, curly, red hair and tight brown leather has just turned up.  My problem is, I'm not sure which job slot she fills in the team.

She is not the only non-admin/maintenance female.

My team list, in order that I thought of them, so far reads:

warrior - Einar
killer - Calhoun
science geek
underwater specialist
aerial specialist

The sniper hasn't turned up yet.
Mannix and Hladvic were going to be the underwater and aerial specialists but I'm thinking of making someone with wings the aerial specialist, which would push the second soldier into the demolition slot.
My first thought for Vasa was the vehicle specialist but I was wondering if that was too close to a cliche.  The science geek slot might have the same issue if I put her under "oddly/unexpectedly garbed scientist."  Electronics - I'm not sure.  I'm beginning to like wizard...

Does anyone have any thoughts?    
Tags: the elf, vasa
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