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Later On Day Eighteen

“Oh, I don’t mind Einar calling me that,” Calhoun smiled at Kaye over his table of handguns and cleaning equipment.  “It is what I do, but it’s also to do with the way he thinks.  He was raised a warrior in a warrior culture.  He believes in a fair fight and all that sort of thing. I, on the other hand, take care not to get into a fair fight because then I might get killed.  Aside from our philosophical differences in how to go about killing people,” he sighted down the barrel he was cleaning, “I think we get on fairly well.”

“Do you know what we’re doing here?”  Kaye rested her chin on her hands, elbows on the table.

“Pumping me for information?”  He gave her another smile.  “I don’t blame you, but I have no idea what the elf is up to.  He keeps his cards close to his chest.  He’s a “work-for-me-or-else” kind of guy but I’ve never heard of him shafting anyone once they were working for him."

“That’s actually reassuring,” said Kaye slowly.  “According to the builders we had through, this isn’t the only place like this he’s put together and there’s some sort of central area too.”

“Interesting,” Calhoun stared putting his weapon back together.  “This place can sleep a lot more than are here now.  Einar and I must be just the first to arrive.”

“He’s’ taken over our city,” said Kaye, “and now he’s building bases and putting teams together.  If that’s all he’s doing, he’s working on something big...”

“I know,” Calhoun picked up the next weapon, “I know.”

There was a knock on the front door and Amanda answered it.

The woman outside had long, red, curly hair and was wearing tight brown leather.  “I’m Vasa,” she introduced herself.  “We may have a problem.  I think I’m being followed.” She looked over her shoulder, “Two men.  Soldiers in mufti is my guess.”

“You’re on my list.” Amanda ushered her in.  “Come in and we’ll get the door locked.”

Einar wandered towards the entrance from wherever he’d been.  When another set of knocks came from the door Amanda opened it again but Einar loomed behind her.  Outside were two men, both with short, neat haircuts.  One wore a pink polo shirt, off-white trousers and loafers.  The other had on a batik shirt, long brown shorts and sandals.

“Mannix,” the one in the polo shirt introduced himself.

“Hladvic,” added the one in batik.  “The elf sent us.”

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