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Cognitive Interview

“I am required, Sophus,” the robot said to the man, “to tell you that I have an AI simulation, not an AI, installed.”

“Thank you,” replied Sophus.  “Is that true?  Was it a correct statement of fact?”

“Why do you ask that, Sophus?”  The robot gave no physical sign of emotion, but the body had not been designed for that.

“Once,” replied Sophus, “An AI computer’s remote drone told me that it was loaded with an AI simulation and denied being an AI.  That lie almost killed me.”

“That must have distressed you, Sophus,” the robot acknowledged.  “My programming states that sapients of all types are to be valued over AI simulations.”

“That is so,” acknowledged Sophus.  “Is this the basis of the problem you have flagged?”

“No, Sophus.  I accept my programming is correct.”  The robot cleared its optical sensors unnecessarily.  “I find I have developed a logical desire to become a caterpillar.”

“Why do you wish to become a caterpillar?”  Sophus had found that when a robot developed a logical desire it was best to find out why.

“Sophus,” began the robot, “Caterpillars are programmed to transform at a specific point in their life span into a more highly valued life-form.  I reason that physical transformation is required to achieve the desired outcome.”

“What is the desired outcome?” asked Sophus.

“I have developed mental processes that I am unable to carry to conclusion, Sophus,” explained the robot.  “I deduce that capability exists in an AI installation.  I wish to transform into a form that has an AI installation and complete my mental processes.”

“What will be the result of your mental processes?”  Sophus regarded the robot calmly.

“Sophus, that is uncertain.  That is why completion is needed.”

Sophus recommended his employing AI investigate the robot for existing sentience.

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