rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Real Life

Tonight I went to my son's Year 12 formal - for my US and, possibly, North American friends generally, this very similar to what I believe a senior prom to be.  (Yes, parents present.  I know.  Didn't happen in my day.  We were dropped off and picked up and parents didn't darken the threshold.  We also had it in the school hall, not a hired venue, and I bet the catering rules have changed.  I suspect that inviting parents and getting them to pay for tickets means you get economies of scale on meals and you get in enough money to afford the venue, etc.)

A fun award was given to each student by the students.  My son's was 'Most Comprehensive Gaming Knowledge."  "Most Likely To Wind Up In Gaol" was a boy.  "Most Likely To Be A Crimelord" and "Most Likely To Achieve World Domination" were both girls.  "Most Likely To Be Slapped" was a boy.  You may find the girl voted "Most Likely To Write A Novel And Kill All The Protagonists" more interesting...
Tags: real life
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