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The Chambourian Verses
kelkyagexpressed a desire to read the (unwritten) verses. I'm afraid a selection of near-Vogon poetry is about to be inflicted on you all.

1. Inchoate divine
    Born of cosmic genesis
    To mature, in turn
    And from sparks divine give birth
    To the next world’s creator myth.
2. Mortal hands hath broke
   The coil of divine progress.
   Vessels smashed, die.
   Rebegin the planned fate –
   Birth immortal, uncorrupt

19. The seer will soon bear
      The Sun Emperor’s heir and
      In thrice the double hands’
      Breadth of years have all the kin
      Who will breed dwimmerweavers.

52. Trials of martial arms
      Delight Oskanas, shield god.
      The golden in battle
      Bests his great spark vessel's might
      Thrice ere yielding its secret.

53. Flesh of the golden
     Healing holds in selfless touch.
     Disease or hurt, gone
     When the golden give their grace.
     Their concentrate, divine love.

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Mumblety impenetrable prophesy. Never know what it means until afterwards. But the scope, to start out with creation myths outside its own scope ... self referential prophesy?

I had to go look up dwimmer. :)

Reading Tolkien and Alan Garner is probably why I used dwimmer. If it doesn't turn up in 'Weirdstone' it could have - I remember 'dwarrowdelve' being in there.

And here are two more verses.

Huh. Upcoming conflict between Jokkiel and Oskanas via their divine sparks?

No, actually. I needed a couple of seemingly, at least, related verses that could be grossly misinterpreted...

Oooooh, does that mean there will be more story? Yay!

May be. I have an idea but it will need actual plotting and I need to fill in some "what" and "why" and maybe "who" questions first.

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