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Real Life Weirdness and A Question
Weirdness - a lump on my son's back has just yielded what looks like a small mollusc shell.  We are assuming that this entered his body through a cut or a graze years ago, but no-one remembers an injury at the beach that could have permitted this.

Question:  I am planning to post a 12,400 story in easily digestable segments of 1,500 to 2,000 words.  How often should I put these up?
All at once?
One a day?
Advice please!

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Oh, dear, your son is turning into a water-based Ellehemaei!

I'd say once a day.

Would a water-based Ellehemaei excrete tiny sea shells through their skin. It could be a power, but why?

Now you're scaring me.
Fortunately this one had nothing alive in it.

Apologies! :-)

Though it's giving me awesome addergoole/Fae apoc ideas.

A fae whose power/Change involves reproducing asexually... at Addergoole...

They only need two kids to graduate...
Can they stop?
Are the kids identical to them or is there recombination of gametes?

Recombination of gametes????

"Can they stop..." O_O TRIBBLE KIDS

Produce sperm/ovum or equivalents and then they refuse to form the new offspring which will not necessarily be the same as the parent.
Did you see the episode of Dr Who when Donna was his companion where they turned up on the colony world that was having a civil war? Both sides were producing new soldiers through a machine that didn't quite clone you. Jenny was the result of the Dr's DNA being put through it.

Yes, yes that was an awesome episode.

Oooh... I like that.

And how long do they take to mature?

oh, that's horrible..... I love it.

I do believe it would give Regine a massive headache. Love it!

Yay, story!

(No, I have no useful advice, just enthusiasm.)

Thank you. Part 1 is up. Part 2 will go up tonight my time.

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