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Prompt Request April 2020


Now I have finally finished the March 2019 prompts and had a few directionless days off, I think it’s time to put out another prompt request.  I am hoping to get this one done in a month, but it would help if I can keep things under five hundred words a piece.

Prompting has been open to my patrons on Patreon for a day and a bit now and is now open everyone else.  While everyone gets their ideas together, I will just go and use the intimidating fitness app, have breakfast, or start playing the Final Fantasy VII remake – I was not into video games at all when the original came out.

I plan to write two prompts for each Patreon patron and a story extension for each Patreon Experimental Reader.  Everyone else who prompts will get one prompt written to.  However, I will write one extra prompt or one story extension for each social media platform that you boost this prompt call on.  You will need to tell me where you have boosted so I know what I owe you.

So, please leave me up to five prompts in the comments below.  No theme this time around but no fanfic please (I would probably get it horribly wrong), no erotica (I have to be in the mood), and no apocalypses/diseases/pandemics please.

I look forward to seeing what you suggest.

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