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Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Flower person
 This came out of Thimbleful Thursday's prompt of 23 May.  I am only a little over word count target.

"So, who is this guy?"  Campion was holding up the wall by leaning on it, as usual.  Everyone else occupied a piece of furniture.

Perhaps one day Kitty would sit on something that was meant for sitting on, but Gidge wasn't holding her breath.

"Peter Noble.  Runs Carrington and Noble in the city - you know, that big circular building with the dragon window down near the Quay."  Maurice smiled.  "Keeps a solid stash of untraceable negotiables in his home.  Don’t know why, but it could have started with the stuff his parents pulled leading up to the Apophis thing.  My sources say that his father almost went to gaol over illegal weapons."

"I can get us in," remarked Evan, who'd been looking over floor plans and security diagrams. "Are you sure it'll be worth it?"

"When you look, the man's missing twenty-five million from his private accounts," replied Maurice.  "No vices to account for it, or offshore holdings.  It's not with the ex-wives or in the kids' education.  It's been tracked to purchases that have been collected by Noble and taken into the house."

"Could still be a vice," pointed out Gidge herself.

Maurice coughed significantly.  "Mr Paul, that nice man we owe so much money to, thinks not.  He's the source of all this information," Maurice admitted.  If we do this job, he clears our debts.  All of them."

"If that's guaranteed," said Kitty, "then I'm in."

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