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Prompt Request March 19
So, it's the first day of March here and I seem to have finally written to all of my September prompts. In the last month I have had a birthday, one of my siblings has married, and I've worked that I have about an hour less than I think I need to everything I want to do in a week.

Of course I'm opening another call for prompts. My intention is to write between 250 and 450 words per piece. (I will just assume that those of you who are laughing at the moment have been around my writing for a while.)

I'm not going with a theme this time, so as long as you’re not asking for fanfic or erotica, please leave me a few prompts in the comments.

I will write one piece for everyone who leaves me a prompt.

I will write an extra piece for anyone who gives me a signal boost and leaves a prompt.

All my patrons on Patreon are automatically entitled to an extra piece, if they leave me prompts.

All of my Experimental Readers are entitled to an extension on a piece written for this prompt - even if they didn't prompt.

My Compulsive Readers are entitled to early access to a longer story from this prompt request...

At this stage, the prompt request will close on 23 March 19, to give me time to make sure that I've done everything.

In the interests of not taking on more than I can handle, I am not offering tips as a way getting more prompts written, thank you.

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This is timely! Just last night, I was doing the shower thinking thing and wondering if there was ever going to be a chance for more in your angels and vards setting.
Yes, your writing pops into my head while I'm idly musing, take that as you will :p

Anyway, a prompt!
Weeping rainbow tears

I have a preference for the angels and vards setting

Kunama with no LJ

I have finally finished writing to your prompt. You can read the result in any of three places:




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