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Prompt Request September 18

Okay, spring is springing in my location, but I’ve probably ensured another frost by buying and planting three tomato plants this last weekend. In the meantime the feral radiata pines out the front and across the road are doing something that, from the amount of yellow pollen lying around, seems to call for a more active verb than flowering, blossoming or blooming.

I think I need to get in the habit of writing more, and I have some smaller pieces of work I would like to get finished. We should also not forget the attraction of the bright new shiny things….

To help me do this, I am opening a prompt call. For each prompter I will write to at least one prompt each and aim for about 300 words a piece. For every four prompts I will write about 300 words on one of four pieces I want to finish that are meant for general consumption. I aim to write at least one piece a day for the rest of September, as well as my regular Nai-writing sessions in the coffee/chocolate shop and making word count in my space opera romance.

We have a theme for prompts this time, well sort of – leave as many prompts as you like but one of them must involve Spring or a spring. Have fun!

I will automatically write to a second prompt if you are one of my patrons on Patreon. I will also write to a second prompt if you tip, and I am willing to negotiate on extensions.

My tip jar:

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Anything I need to know?
I have done a new button - let's see if this works. This entry was originally posted at https://rix-scaedu.dreamwidth.org/109689.html. There have been comment count unavailable comments there.

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Springtime in Rensa's location; are there customary observances?

Early Master Que and a (water) spring

A springtime herb planting (any 'verse)

*bows apologetically*

I am catching up with my prompts from this event and your second story, from the prompt about planting a herb garden, has gotten a little...enthusiastic.

What size chapters are you comfortable with? In word count, roughly speaking>

How about average Nai-sized chapters, if there is such a thing? But pretty much whatever size it needs to be is good.

I can work with that, thank you.

There are three more scenes to write, I think.

Finally! The first part of my response to your spring time herb plamting post can be found in these three places:





Also, the paypal link isn't letting me modify the amount. Pfft!

It should be giving you a drop down list of amount in dollar increments. I will investigate.

As far as I can tell, the drop down box is working.
I haven't used the donation buttomn because Paypay gives me a stern talk about proving I'm a not-for-profit if I receive over a certain amount through it....

Can confirm that it will only let you send $1 regardless of what you choose.
Looking at the html, all the options are sending the same "value" when redirecting to paypal: option value="Tip"
I've not asked for money via paypal before so I can only speculate - perhaps you'll need to set up several options paypal-side, and then refer to them in the dropdown?
option value="Tip1">Tip $1
option value="Tip2">Tip $2

Anyway hope this post won't now be marked as spam haha...

I've modified that a little, so we'll see if that works.

Now it tells me "something is wrong" but no details.

The prompts!

Freesias mark the first day of spring - featuring the vard of the angel universe if possible

Erima continuing to spring unexpected surprises on people

What is the Masked Shadow's formidable housekeeper up to, now that it's time to do some spring cleaning in the Inheritance universe?

Thanks for keeping the anon posting option by the way. I got rid of my LJ and don't have a DW so can't actually post over there!


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