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In Real Life

Today my mother is attending the funeral of a friend's nine year old grandson.

He was trying to return a toy his four year old sister had taken out of a doctor's surgery when he ran out from between two parked cars and was hit by a bus.  Witnesses heard his mother call out "Wait!' but obviously he didn't.  The bus driver had no chance to avoid him and it is reported that the entire length of the bus passed over him.  This event was witnessed by by his mother, one of his grandmothers, and both his younger sisters.  His year old baby brother was also present but at that age I hope he has no comprehension of what occurred.  Staff, including doctors, from the surgery came to help but his injuries were too severe.

If you do not belong to a tradition that prays for the dead, please give space in your prayerful thoughts to his mother, grandmother, younger sisters, the bus driver, his half dozen passengers and the driver of the car immediately behind the bus.  All of these people saw, heard and felt something horrible they could do nothing about.  My mother's friend told her that it was like a film of the event is playing over and over in her head.

I can only hope that time will heal these wounds a little.
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