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Apocalypse Bingo

Okay, it's January, I'm on leave from the day/paying job for a few weeks, and I have stuff to finish writing, so what can go wrong if I ad a tasty daily target bingo?

[personal profile] aldersprig is hosting the Apocalypse Bingo this month, so lets see what I can do.

Here is my card:

Rise of a New Species:  Runaway Ray Guns:  Business Matters Empty fall-out shelter:
Mixed Luck
Cargo cult: Side Quested Rich People are Evil:
Manoeuvers in the Dark

Captured!: An Unexpected Turn of Events

Heroic sacrifice* AI Mass Insanity: History Lesson Magnetic Field Collapse
Contagion Mutation: Preparation For An Announcement Surprise Punk: The Solar Revolution The United Empire of Earth: Inception; Let's Talk Water Wars
Arenas! THUNDERDOME!: Avatars Giant Solar Flare:A Good Day Out It Was All a Dream Infertility: Now We Are Come To This The POWERS Made it Happen
==Green space== take a break Rich People Save the World Cult of personality Alien Invasion: A Rough Education It's Not Safe to Go Out ... Or Is It? : Change Can Begin Slowly

Give me a whole number between 0 and 26, and we'll see where I start.

I hope someone helps us, because we may need it. :)

Update:  I was planning a separate apocalypse for each prompt, but in amongst the one-offs there are two series:

a. The United Empire of Earth
There is also one story, Runaway, that is a precursor to an exicsting set of stories that can be found under the World Tree tag on Dreamwidth and Livejournal

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