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Mortland Shire Gazette, 1 October 2017, Page 8

This was inspired by the Hidden Almanac, a production of the far-more-talented-than-me Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney.  If, in the real world that does not include Cabbage Tree Flat and includes your off-screen life, you should need to do a bush fire survival plan the documents and app can be found at the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

Notes from Cabbage Tree Flat

Compiled by K. T. Javenlake

All local state schools will resume classes for Semester 4 on Monday, 9 October17, despite the explosions in the boys’ toilet blocks at Trulong High School, St Wenddershin’s Ecclesiastical High School, and the Nugent Abbot Grammar School. The Reverend Dennis MacMichael, pastor of St Wenddershin’s parish has confirmed that the Ecclesiastical will also recommence classes as planned on 9 October 17. The campus of the Nugent Abbot Grammar School is still closed for the police investigation, and school officials have declined to comment to the press.

Last weekend’s first match of the women’s senior cricket season was unmarred for Cabbage Tree Flat and Mowana Cricket Clubs at the Steve Moon Oval by anything other than Miss Beatrice Goodall’s six for Cabbage Tree Flat, off the bowling of Mrs Debbie Dunstable, which hit Mr Jack Bailey’s ute. Mr Bailey’s green metallic vehicle was parked in violation of the Oval’s rules, and Mr Bailey had refused several directions from match officials to move it. Mr Bailey threatened legal action, but was given a severe talking to by his mother, Mrs Pauline Bailey, then sent away to think about what he’d done.

The State Rural Fire Service has issued an official reminder in the lead-up to the bushfire danger period that burning off should not be undertaken lightly or alone.

The Winston Musical and Dramatic Society have announced that their next production will be A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Performances will be held in the Cabbage Tree Flat Public Hall from 1 to 16 December 17, the Draper Pavilion in Winston being unavailable due to complications involving Mrs Doreen Tompkins’ retirement from the Society.

Due to a lively trade in illicit copies of the water main access key used by licensed water carters within Mortland Shire, the Mortland and Strawn Water Board replaced all their access locks within the Shire on 27 and 28 September 17. Licence holders have been advised of the procedure to obtain new keys. Non-licence holders requesting replacement keys may expect to be met with legal action.

Uncle Charlie Brent has made a statement on behalf of the Garrakool Lands Council warning would-be foragers that the bogong moth does not transit the Middle Coast during its migration, and that the similar seeming moths occurring here in spring are completely unrelated species. One of these is the moth of the processional caterpillar, which can cause skin irritations leading to infections. Uncle Charlie’s statement continued, “…This interest in native foods is praiseworthy, but needs to be balanced with knowledge. Make sure what you’ve identified grows here before you pick or collect. Remember – if you eat something you shouldn’t, then you may not have time to get help.”

The Cabbage Tree Flat Netball Club will be holding a cake stall at the gate of Cabbage Tree Flat Primary School on Saturday, 7 October 17 to raise funds for new equipment. Miss Madison Carter, captain of the State Netball Team known as the Blue Waratahs, will be present.

All local Bush Fire Brigades have called for volunteers in the lead up to the bushfire danger period, and remind residents to make a Bush Fire Survival Plan. Planning documents and a app can be downloaded from the State Rural Fire Service website.

The Sparkling Waters Shopping Centre in Trulong will be holding their “Welcome Santa Christmas Parade” on Saturday, 26 November 17 at 10:30am. Any community groups wishing to participate should contact Mrs Edna Prout at the Centre’s Administration Office during business hours.

Professor Anders Garstang of the State University will be conducting a wildlife population study of the regrowth forest on the southern side of Cooranbong Road during the period 5 to 12 October 17. A number of box traps and trap nets will be used in the study, and members of the public who come across animal-occupied traps in the area during this period are asked not to release them. If, however, you come across Professor Garstang or his assistants in any of these traps, your assistance in freeing them will be gratefully received.

We finish with this week’s question from Mr Xasan Guleed Mukhtar, “Who was B. J. Draper and why are so many local things named after him?” Bertram James Draper (1885-1956) was the last descendant of Matthew Collins Draper who received a land grant in 1813 to an area that covered what is now the north-east corner of Cabbage Tree Flat, southern Lower Simpson, and Orchard Fields north of Ferry Road. The Drapers and their property, known as Lanchester Park, prospered until 1897 when, while Bertram and his mother attended her first cousin’s wedding, his father killed Bertram’s younger and older siblings, set fire to an oil soaked rope he’d laid through the house, and then committed suicide. Bertram inherited Lanchester Park and was able to continue running it as a successful business. However, he allegedly did not marry and have children because he refused to continue his father’s bloodline. On his death his will contained provisions for funding the construction of the Draper Pavilion in the Winston Showgrounds, and a trust which pays: four bursaries per year to support students at Trulong High School, annual sums to support the upkeep of physical property for over twenty local community groups including three cricket clubs, six football clubs across three codes, and two churches. Draper Street in Cabbage Tree Flat was originally the driveway that led to the main house at Lanchester Park from what is now Old Trulong Road.

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