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Emergency Mode
Flower person
I am now staring at my laptop attempting to do start up repairs. The desk top computer had been having problems, concerning problems, for some time. The laptop was in the queue for replacement because I felt the second battery was perhaps no longer what it ought to be, but nothing like this.....

I backed up yesterday. Nai is on two separate thumb drives, and we're seeing if the restore works.....


It lives. My laptop lives!

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yay! ugh i hate that uncertainty, but im so glad its still working for you

Now if I can keep it working.

Neep! Glad it recovered, but ... yeah, backups are good. Checking the integrity and restorability of backups is even better.

I have deselected the four Microsoft updates that went through before each of my problems and deselected auto updates.

Both times with the Laptop it's been: update; restart fine; start up and close down fine the next morning; and then into repair mode on start up that evening. It may not be the update/s but it's the first checking step.

That's worrying. Does windows let you force a full check of the disk(s)?

I don't know. If it doesn't repeat tonight then I'll check what other people have said about those updates.

It didn't repeat. *glares at updates*

It is possible to force disk checks on Windows. Right-click the disk in File Explorer, choose Properties. In the window that appears, choose Tools. Both Error Checking and Optimize may be valuable here. (I'm on Windows 10 and don't have immediate access to any other flavor of Windows, so your options may be different wording for the same functions.)

Depending on the size of the disk, these operations may take quite a while: I tend to start each before going to bed and see the results in the morning. If the operation is still running in the morning, that's a different class of problem, and strongly points to a hardware problem: needing to re-seat the disk, the disk itself is dying, or something has gone terribly wrong on the motherboard. (I'm guessing, as this is a laptop, that there is no cable between disk and motherboard; if there's a cable, that's also in the suspect list.)

Just imagine me mindlessly screaming right now.

I have purchased a very nice New PC. Did not factor in screen because that is fine.

The PC doesn't have the socket for my screen's plug. It is in the manual. The salesman and I didn't discuss it beyond, "Do you have a screen?"

I can see nothing on the box to indicate that this would be a problem.

Did the standard tech change while I wasn't looking?

There have been multiple video connectors over the years. Your screen might well have two of them. From oldest to newest, all of which are still in use:

VGA, by far the oldest of the bunch, and rapidly going away.

DVI, also rapidly going away, and the most likely candidate to find on any still-functioning screen, especially LCD screens.

HDMI, only marginally newer than DVI. It physically differs from Display Port because the connector has two corners cut.

Display Port, the newest, which differs from HDMI in that the connector has only one corner cut.

There are miniature versions of each of these, but the miniature versions tend to appear only on laptops and similar small hardware.

If you've been using VGA so far, your screen may well have a DVI connector that you've not been using. If your new computer also has a DVI connector, getting a new DVI video cable is probably the correct answer.

If the new computer doesn't have a DVI connector, and your screen does, you should be able to fairly easily get an adapter from DVI to whichever connector the computer has. Adapters generally cost under USD 20. Make sure you get the right gender on both sides! (It is also possible to get VGA <-> HDMI and VGA <-> Display Port adapters, but they'll likely be harder to find.)

I will double check but my monitor has VGA cord and I believe it is permanently attached...

I have an adapter and the new computer is doing things.

Said VGA/HDMI adapter, the only VGA adapter available, cost just under AUD$60.

Your internal market is about 10 times the size of ours....

Ooof. Larger internal market, different tax systems, greater population density, and yes, I was thinking there would be a price difference. I wasn't expecting more than double, though.

I'm glad the adapter is working for you.

Edited at 2017-03-28 12:51 pm (UTC)

I was warned it might not, but it does,

Eep, good luck with the repairs!

It liiiiiiives!

Yes! I'm praying for no repeats....

Oy veyyyy!....

As a longtime Mac user I'm not capable of giving any useful advice here, I'm afraid.

It behaved itself this weekend, but I have plans for my next major purchase.

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