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February 2017 Prompt Request
Time for a prompt request for the month of February. It is my natal month and I am aiming for a posting a day, at least. 

Because I have The Day Job, other things that need/want to be posted, and etcetera, there is a limit of one prompt to be written per prompter this month.

This month’s prompt request is themeless so within the rules below give me a character, a phrase or a setting so I can write you 300 to 500 word piece of fiction.

Signal boosting will get you a 200 to 250 word extension to the piece of your choice.

Certain levels of patron over on Patreon will get a 250 to 500 word extension on a piece of their choice.

You may throw some money at me for an extension through the Paypal button below.

There are some rules.

• Please don't ask for main story Nai as your prompt - more Nai writing will happen each weekend;

• One prompt per prompter; and

• No erotica (I need to be in the mood) and no fanfic (I would mangle your favourite characters to no satisfactory result.)

Thank you for your participation and let’s go have some fun with this.

Prompt Extensions

  • 1
A story from a previous incarnation of someone in the main Nai story.

  • 1