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A colour please
Master Que
Dear friends, I am writing Nai and I need a colour.

If no-one has any suggestions, what would you call the overall colour of this knitting?


Thank you for your help.

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"Warm". I will average it out to coral or salmon, but sauergeek says magenta, and none of those is very close.

But without that context I'd hand you a relatively cool color, like turquoise or forest green. :)

Actually, I initially said magenta. But after kelkyag was dubious, I decided it looked like Columbia instead.

Hot coal/ember.. sorta reddish with purple.

On my screen it shows up as closer to scarlet (red with a little orange) than magenta (red with purple tones). If I were referring to it in a conversation where precision was not of utmost inportance, I'd say orangeish-red. (Because it does not show as a true scarlet to me.)

My suggestion is goldenrod or amber, depending on whether Nai has experience with those (flowers vs sap). As for the knitting, I'd probably call that coral, since both come in a range of red pink and orange shades.

<looks up incarnadine>
Not a very well-defined color, is it? But about the right range ...

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