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calm, purple me

I have not dropped off the edge of the universe, its just that this prompt by Anonymous has blown out to 10,195 words and we are still only in part two of what is in my head.

I need to post some more Nai too.

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Yay, story! I will be happy to see Nai when you have a chance, but I'm also glad you're inspired in general.

And it's still over 40C - I am not inclined to do very much right now.

Many cheers for inspiring prompts!

*ears up!* looking forward to them :)

Not sure if I should be apologizing or not for the prompt. But looking forward it and Nai when you are done crafting.

12,566 words and not yet through the middle section. This could be a novella...

The prompt was good. I need to write longer pieces. This is not the piece I was expecting to do that with.

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