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I turned on my home desktop computer this morning for a quick read before leaving for work and it wasn't taking input from the keyboard and mouse.

I will try again when I return home....

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Occasionally I've seen a computer forget that it had keyboard and mouse. Unplugging and replugging them -- assuming they're USB -- will often correct the problem.

I got home and it all worked! Much relief on my part.

Now I will do a back up in case this was an Indicator

Many cheers for backups!

Just in case, you did try unplugging and re-plugging them back in? I'm thinking loose connections. -_- G'luck!

I didn't this morning because I had five minutes before I had to be out the door, but it was on the agenda for this evening - until it all worked!

Backup now in progress....

Whew. Good thing it was just a transient thing! And backup is always a good thing.

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