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Rules of Engagement 2

This follows on from Rules of Engagement and was written to kelkyag's prompt "Mayin, please?"   Apparently it runs to 441 words.

Sharvon had sent back the requested acknowledgement to the message that had come over a data feed label line in his drone camera array.. Almost immediately his eyebrows went up as a response came back.  “Uh, he says ‘They want a victim for execution  I will make them choose me  Backup requested  Over’  He’s going to offer himself up to be shot or something? Is this guy nuts?”

“I’m sure he won’t be that blatant about either what he’s doing or his mental state.  Tell him ‘Request granted’.” ordered Wraith.  He turned to Mayin, “Thale, how do you know the oberxiao?”

Mayin looked at Wraith and Reaver in turn before answering, “He sought me out because he believes I became his luck witch after I blew him up while out on field operations.  Originally he wanted back the thing of his he believes I hold to create that bond – now he seems it think it would be easier to marry me.”

Wraith blinked.  “What does he think you’ve got?”

Reaver gave a short laugh and grinned.  “I’ll explain it to you later,” he promised.  “Over a beer or something, somewhere Thale can’t hear us.”

Mayin, who was still peering over the blast wall section said, “Looks like they’re about to do something, so if you jokers would like to stop rabbiting on about my personal issues….  We free the hostages, then what’s our exit?”

“Lift six,” replied Reaver.  “If the podium’s twelve, it’s at two on the park rim.  It’s how the official party got here and it was locked in place after they arrived, so it’ll still be there.  I have an emergency key but either of you could probably unlock it in under five.”

Wraith said, “So, you secure our exit access.  Thale gets the sound guys, and I shoot anyone who wants to play executioner.”

“And that’s when it will all get messy,” commented Mayin drily, “because they won’t like that.”

“Their issue, not mine,” replied Wraith.

The business-suited woman who’d arrived with him, and was his and Sharvon’s boss, carefully pulled off her shoes and shoved them in her hand bag without sitting up.  Catching the look Reaver gave her she responded, “What?  I know I can’t run properly in these but they cost me a week’s salary a month ago.  I’d rather not lose them and it sounds to me like I’ll need to run again very shortly.”

Out on the other side of the wall two of the interlopers were moving towards the sound console, and the blonde oberxiao with the prosthetic eye and hand was interjecting into the speech the intruders‘ leader was making.

This is now followed by Talk Turns to Action.
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