rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

No Way Home

This was written in response to Ty Barbary's prompt "You don't need a spaceship / They don't know you've already lived / On the other side of the galaxy."  at http://unorthodoxcreativity.com/15minfic.php.

It was a long way home and there was no way to get there. There hadn’t been for a long time. Every so often on a clear, moonless night Hedserel would come outside simply to gaze at the milk band arcing across the heavens, but she had long given up pretending to be able to pick out the star that was the sun back home.

Inside the house, and it actually looked like a house these days, the children were sleeping. Amars was fiddling with one of his odd little projects that seemed to wind up making life that little bit better or easier in ways she never expected.  The bench she sat on was surrounded by her vegetable garden.  The other side of the house was no longer suitable for sky viewing, their carefully nurtured orchard of fruit trees was tall enough and thick enough to block out the sky now.

Beyond the low hills to the south were the remains of the last ship that could have taken them away from here: broken, burned, then stripped beyond all recognition. Beside it was the graveyard where the rest of the crew now resided. She and Amars had been alone with no way back. Forever bereft of family, loved ones...children.

Instead they had gone on. Into a future neither of them had expected when they’d left home all those years ago.

One day they would tell their children about those other families they had had before in the land beyond the sky as Kitto, their eldest, called it. One day, but not tonight.


Tags: amars, hedserel, kitto, stranded
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