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A Comment On Mayin
Flower person
I have realised that I know what her enemies called Mayin when she was in the military (Lang Mugou and then Three Nine Seven), but I have no idea what her own colleagues called her. They would have given her a nickname or call sign of some description but what?

Something that sounds innocuous until you realise what it's short for, perhaps.

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I have seen one site about call signs that says the call signs you get are ones given you by your peers. Usually the first one you get involves something embarrassing or obnoxious you've done, and if you don't like it, they'll come up with something worse. Only after you've started doing things to earn respect might you get one as nifty as Wraith or Reaver. (Presumably those two both have some much less pleasant ones in their past.)

Some suggestions for her most recent call sign based on past stories:
* Powder, Molotov (homemade explosives)
* Egg (if she talked up putting aside an ovary)
* Sharp (card games)
* Super/Supervisor, Governor, Chair/Chairman (based on her reintegration chart)
* Witch (assuming anyone other than the Oberxiao ever saw that)
* Lucky, Charm, Magic (if that luck manifests where others can see it)
* Ghost (she would have *really* have had to earn this one given the enemy nickname of her unit, but Wraith somehow got a quite similar tag)
* Any slang term for the Oberxiao's people (presuming she's made substantial study of the culture and language, and demonstrated competence)
* Rock, Stone, or any sort of climbing animal (rock climbing ability)

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